Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adding New items to Bonanzle

I have had a hard time listing new items to my shoppes lately as I have been caring for my ill husband. He is much better now but still getting two IV infusions a day till our next Doctor visit and the Home Health nurse does come every Monday.

I hope to add some books, VHS Movies, Ceramic Teapots, Fall plates, etc. to my frstyfrolk's Boutique today!

It was beautiful here yesterday and I did some outside work done to prepare for the cool weather to come after the rains this weekend. I made a concrete leaf birdbath and hope it turn out fine. It is my first time at trying this. I saw it in a magazine and had to use my elephant ear plant before the frost gets it anyway. It is curing now for the next few days.

I also made some terrarium's recently which came out quite nice. I hope to make more to sell on my Etsy ByLightofMoon account.

I also have alot of Vintage ITems of all kinds to list on my frstyfrolk Vintage Etsy Boutique

My husband is even selling New York Yankees New Stadium and License plates on ebay among other license plates.

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