Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pets /Children / Photos

Jakes Dog House is a great shopping site for your pet. They offer shree shipping on $75.oo or more.

Submit a photo of your child to be in a nationwide contest and getting a College Education fund and National Reconigation

Take photo often!

I have a Kodak Easy Share Camera, I think my photos are great and it is VERY EASY to use. If I can do it, anyone can. I upload them to my computer and they are the photos you see at my ebay store and when I travel I upload them to share with my family. I use photobucket and flicker to edit them for posting to forums. I love It!

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Do you Travel? Here are some wonderful links for the best prices and have more for your dinners and travel clothing, etc. - Mexico Vacaions

Also, you have to have chocolate!

Take a real chocolate adventure
Everyone loves a Music Box!

Discovery store and much information for your trips or if you are an armchair traveler like myself you can travel the world in your comfy chair! smiles, cyndi

Free Shipping at Moosejaw
I have several Moosejaw T-Shirts and have had them for years . I was even published in their catalog in one. SO, show off yourself, great customer service also! ;-)

More Links for Traveling

Travel Europe? check this out!

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I love to read and here are some sites that deliver to your home.
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Low prices on books

You can even join the Books A Millon club for more discounts 100% Green Energy Web Hosting
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StubHub! Where Fans Buy and Sell Tickets!


I am making some changes to this site and you will see it soon! I will show you many NEW places to shop on-line and some sites you do already know but, you will see the latest coupons, sales, outlet prices, deals of the week, and holiday ideas and sales.

You will see every catagory for you Home, Fashion , Electronics, Magazines, Newspapers, Crafts Suppies and ideas, Your Pets of every kind and their needs, Garden shops and necessary tools, Fresh Floral Gifts, Flowers, Seeds, Tools, and Supplies and of course your Children , toys, games, hobbies, crafts, photos, and memorabelia.

Your Travel Needs and Ideas: Hotels, Vacations, Cruises, Flights, Europe, Carribean, Mexico,Get the Best deals so you will have more of your money, cash and cheques for your must buy items. Travel souviners, clothing, jewelry, or jewellry.

I also will cover your Home Office or Business Office needs like Computer needs, Software choices, the very Best Electronic Shopping, Furniture, etc.
Bookmark my site and Check Back Often, also please leave me comments and your location.

Smiles, cyndi

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dragonfly Dreams/ByLightOfMoon

This started out to be my individual blog about myself, but, I have been overtaken with a few groups I have joined and spend more time at them than here, Shame on me! But, for now, com eon over to ByLightOfMoon blog and see what has been happening.


The Glad Tidings group has been so good for me. I met them on ebay and post there most of the time. Cora was even nice enough to make me a banner for that site and I have loved it from Day one.

Please drop in and see what we are doing for Valentine's Day.

Please also leave your location as this is just interesting to see how far we can go.

See you there....
smiles, cyndi